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Furry Fantasies II
FF2 cover.jpg
  1. Immortal (Jumpy)
  2. Into The Battle (Cheetah)
  3. Degraded (Jumpy)
  4. The Wolf In You (Chama)
  5. Furry Art (Fairlight, Redlouts, Eisfuchs)
  6. Always Around (Redlouts, Eisfuchs)
  7. Home Again (Eisfuchs, Redlouts, Fairlight)
  8. To Someone Special (Shir Khan)
  9. Dragon Fire (Jumpy)
  10. To Your Mind (Redlouts, Fairlight, Eisfuchs, Jumpy, Cheetah)
  11. Ladyhawk (Sayh)
  12. When I Close My Eyes (Cheetah)
  13. Morning In The Jungle (Fairlight, Cheetah)
  14. I Want To Live (Cheetah)
  15. Soul In Chains (Soulstorm)
  16. Industrial Prey (Cheetah)