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Furmeet vs. Convention?[Bearbeiten]

Ein Furmeet ist IMHO kein Gegenstück zu einer Convention. Es ist schlicht ein Treffen. Genaugenommen ist auch eine Furry-Convention ein Furmeet, wenn auch ein großes und mit Programm. --o'wolf 01:04, 6. Nov. 2007 (UTC)

A convention (in the US use of the word) is a superset of a furmeet. But where do you draw the line? I personally consider the division to be a combination of programming and (in particular) residency - you stay overnight in accommodation organized by the convention, and specific events are also likely to be organized by them. It is a more formal event.
If it is a one or two-day event it might be considered a furmeet or a party, even if it is quite big and organized (example: Furloween). Most conventions and parties only happen once or twice each year, while furmeets may be far more regular. Many European conventions are quite small but they would probably still be considered conventions if they have accommodation. --GreenReaper(talk) 08:53, 6. Nov. 2007 (UTC)