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Nochmal: dies ist nicht IMDB, bitte unterlasse es, Offtopic-Inhalte einzustellen oder von Admins gelöschte Seiten mit dem selben Inhalt wieder anzulegen. --O'wolf 13:25, 13. Mai 2013 (CEST) (Admin)

Oh, and since your IP number is assigned to some Swedish business account, maybe an explanation in English can help: while the characters of Kalle Stropp or Pelle Ohneschwanz may be remotely on-topic for this Wiki (on-topic, as they are anthropomorphic animals; remotely, as the stories were written explicitly for children and not very interesting for adults), the movies are without any relevance here at all. Also, all you do is verbatim copying content from Wikipedia, that is off-topic even there: for the cast and production information databases like IMDB are appropriate. We (as well as Wikipedia) are not a movie encyclopedia, we are interested in the characters, story lines, perhaps creators — as long as it is relevant to the scope of this Wiki. Likewise, as we have a lot of Disney fans in the Furry Fandom, a list of all Disney movies is quite off-topic here. (Those movies often having funny animal sidekicks doesn't automatically make the films furry, either.) There are dedicated Wiki projects, for example on, that are covering this much better. --O'wolf 13:56, 13. Mai 2013 (CEST)
FINAL WARNING: Further attempts of re-adding useless information will get your entire IP number range blocked indefinitely. --O'wolf 22:10, 13. Mai 2013 (CEST)

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